I eat flowers

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This is a community for people who like food. Not just gourmet food, but any types of food. Been out and blown $65 on a seared salmon steak? Excellent! Happened to have just created a perfectly feasible meal out of a sprout and a bit of cheese you had to cut the hard bits off of? ALSO GREAT!

If, however, you feel the need to rant about a particularly disgusting food experience, please don't hold back!

Also a forum for modelling sexy cookware/crockery/oven gloves, if you're into that sort of thing.

One of our maintainers is omnivorous and the other is vegetarian who once lived as a vegan for six months, so any and all food is welcomed.

There's only a few rules:
Out of respect for bandwidth and for other members' sensitivities, please post (big) pictures behind a cut.

Members are respectfully asked to stick to recognisable syntax when posting, unless making an exclamation of horror/joy that cannot be contained within the boundaries of conventional grammar.

Be excellent to each other.

That's it!