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Apple and redcurrant jelly

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This time, I tried to make apple jelly, and the (by now usual) currant jelly ^_^ (Next year, I will get around to picking those darn rowanberries *grumble*)
The apple stuff was still too hot to properly judge the taste, but it probably ended up a bit on the sweet side. Nice and clear color tho ^^

I'm really getting the hang of this, I think ^^ I hope to make jam or things like that next year, just need to find some cheap (or free!) fruit.

Always have the cleans jar ready before starting... I had such a mess the first year, when I had to keep an eye on the boiling jelly and trying to find and sterilize enough clean jars at the same time. I use more, but they don't all fit the big pot at once.
Sugar, sugar... This is what went into the red currant jelly. Together with berries and water, of course.
Whoo, currant juice! Smells divine, but is actually very sour (these images come from September btw. Never got around posting them back then)
Straining the redcurrants. Yes, I sacrificed a kitchen towel, since mom's strainer broke. Turned out this was better anyway, I think it's because the fabric is finer.
Currant jelly! I forgot to take images when I was making it, so this is the last jar we have left. And crappy flashlightning boo.
It tastes divine, tho. Pretty tart and with a lot of currant taste. Third times the charm!
Now, the apples! This I did today. and the apples are pretty old because mom said, in the summer, that she didn't think we would have any apples this year because of the drought. Last week, I found out that grandmother still had a big bag in the fridge and was contemplating throwing them all out before they went bad ^^;
They weren't very pretty but heck, I'm just after the juice.
Straining the apples. Yep, it's the same kitchen towel. It now has a defined purpose in our home
Not so much this time, but I had fewer apples and I think I boiled them a bit too long. A page in the cookbook told me, when I was finished, that that can give lesser and turbid juice. Still, that's two christmas presents there =)

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On December 7th, 2006 12:07 am (UTC), cerulean_eyes commented:
That is so awesome.
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On December 7th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC), dancing_moon replied:
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