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I · eat · flowers

Jag äter kakor!

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Today I baked mazariner (masrines in English? sez Google)!

My grandmother told me she missed home-made mazarines because most places only have crappy, overly sweet ones from a factory nowadays. So I borrowed an almond mill from my boyfriend's grandmother and baked me some fine little... cakes? Sweet things ^_^

Butter + flour + 1/2 egg

= dough!

1 dl almonds

I twirl my little almond mill...

...and twirl it a bit more.

Potatoes, actually

Empty shells (made of earlier dough)

Yum, almondy filling!

Not so empty shells

*bake bake bake* Ta-dahh! *taste* Mmm...


With frosting

Final verdict? Definitely a lot better than store-bought. I hope my grandmother agrees with me this weekend ^.^

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On November 17th, 2006 12:47 am (UTC), saltedpin commented:
OH MAN, THAT LOOKS SO NICE! I hope your grandmother enjoys them! Now that I'm on holidays and have time to bake, I may have to look up a recipe and try to make it. YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME.
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