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Gourmet toast!

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This has to be the world's best snack for when you get home from work and just can't be bothered doing anything even remotely connected to serious cooking.

Start with a nice multi-grain slice of bread, thickly sliced for preference. Lightly toast it. Drizzle with lemon myrtle infused olive oil. Add salt to taste. Scoff.

I bought this olive oil from the Brisbane Exhibition this year and I am utterly certain that I got more for those sixteen dollars than for the $35 I spent on a cricket team showbag, and that included season tickets.

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hungry hungry for toast
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On October 27th, 2006 09:01 am (UTC), saltedpin commented:
OH MAN THAT SOUNDS SO NICE! I am going to buy some. When I have some money :(

Seriously, for other gourmet toast I totally recommend lemon butter (which I have never actually seen for sale here though I am sure it must be somewhere -- maybe in one of those English food shops), and pumpkin butter (another thing I have never seen here but a kind friend in the US sent me some).
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