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This time, I tried to make apple jelly, and the (by now usual) currant jelly ^_^ (Next year, I will get around to picking those darn rowanberries *grumble*)
The apple stuff was still too hot to properly judge the taste, but it probably ended up a bit on the sweet side. Nice and clear color tho ^^

I'm really getting the hang of this, I think ^^ I hope to make jam or things like that next year, just need to find some cheap (or free!) fruit.

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I had today for lunch a piadina with brie, Pink Lady apple, walnut and baby spinach, with a glass of orange and lemon juice.

It was delicious, but sadly somehow unfilling. So then I had to go buy a crappy vegetarian handroll that fell apart and died as soon as I tried to eat it.

It was tragic :(

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Today I baked mazariner (masrines in English? sez Google)!

My grandmother told me she missed home-made mazarines because most places only have crappy, overly sweet ones from a factory nowadays. So I borrowed an almond mill from my boyfriend's grandmother and baked me some fine little... cakes? Sweet things ^_^

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Final verdict? Definitely a lot better than store-bought. I hope my grandmother agrees with me this weekend ^.^

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Usually I am deeply suspicious of anything that comes out of a packet. However, Maharaja's Choice dahl makhani is completely delicious and also seemingly nutritious. I RECOMMEND IT!
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This has to be the world's best snack for when you get home from work and just can't be bothered doing anything even remotely connected to serious cooking.

Start with a nice multi-grain slice of bread, thickly sliced for preference. Lightly toast it. Drizzle with lemon myrtle infused olive oil. Add salt to taste. Scoff.

I bought this olive oil from the Brisbane Exhibition this year and I am utterly certain that I got more for those sixteen dollars than for the $35 I spent on a cricket team showbag, and that included season tickets.

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I KNOW IT IS DISGUSTING, but I could seriously eat fried eggs with tomato sauce on them all day.

And then, I would die.

But I would be happy.

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I planned the menu for my family's 4th of July barbecue this year. Strangely enough, to celebrate the birth of our country, we ate the food of people who are supposed to be our enemies (well, kind of). The menu was mostly vegetarian-friendly, but I suggested a chicken recipe for the meateaters.

We had:
Lebanese chicken that was marinated in yogurt and spices, and then roasted and served with a garlic sauce inspired by Al-Wazir in LA.
Sweet potato and chickpea patties (so good!)
Pita chips and hummus. The hummus was store-bought but it was lovely and smooth.
Grape tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with fresh basil.
Bulgur salad with roasted portabello mushrooms, red pepper, and zucchini
Syrian potato salad

For dessert, we had strawberry shortcake with homemade shortcake, fresh strawberries, and vanilla ice cream.

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I have to stop going to that cafe. It's ruining all other food for me. I may have to ask if they'd mind if I just lived on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I had today for lunch pumpkin and almond by agnolotti with spinach and walnuts, in some kind of cheese and cracked pepper sauce (I should have written it down), fresh orange juice and a hot chocolate -- I wanted to have desert but I was with my dad and he had to go look at bike parts, so lunch was cut short. FIE!

Still. Delicious.

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Lunch today is:

A barley salad with roasted corn, peas, peppers, beans and onion.
Some delicious tropical fruit gazpacho.
A mushroom and squash quesadilla with poblano peppers and jack and gouda cheese.
For dessert, some fruit salad.

Totally vegetarian today!

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I made myself a really good (and really garlicky) sandwich for dinner last night.  It had herbed goat cheese, black olive paste, marinated artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, garlic, and arugula, all on a crusty, chewy French roll.  With baby carrots and Mediterranea-style Terra chips on the side, it was like a picnic lunch.  I felt about 500 pounds and had breath that could stun a charging yak afterward, but it was yummy!
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